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Happy Ugly Sweater Day, Shield your Eyes!!!! | Darn Cheap Discounts

Happy Ugly Sweater Day, Shield your Eyes!!!!

On this Friday, get in the holiday spirit and flaunt those ugly holiday sweaters (thanks, Grandma!) you have been too embarrassed to wear in public. Ugly sweaters have been around for as long as people created a concept of fashion. They weren’t always made purposefully — maybe someone made a mistake in their knitting, or tried a new design that didn’t turn out as cool as they thought it would. However, it wasn’t long before grandmas everywhere were knowingly (maybe while chuckling to themselves) knitting their grandchildren ugly Christmas sweaters complete with baubles and “I love Grandma” lettering. They knew what they were doing. We’re watching you, grandmas, I See You!

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Held on the third Friday in December, this fun-filled holiday is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season – in style! You may ask yourself, how did this holiday trend emerge? Chevy Chase is sometimes credited with starting the ugly Christmas sweater trend, thanks to his role in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.It seemed the 90s were eager to get rid of the ugly sweater trend, but it reared its “ugly” head back into public eyes in 21st century Canada. Two men from Vancouver came up with the idea to throw the first official tacky holiday sweater party to raise money for their friend’s cancer treatment. The party was a hit, leading the way for similar events to show up all over the northern hemisphere.

Ugly sweater parties went from small holiday get together's to huge events, sometimes in support of charity. Today, ugly sweater parties and competitions are one of the highlights of the season, with everyone trying to one-up each other in searching for the most appalling outerwear they can find. The sweaters have gone from accidentally tacky to purposefully shameless. The only way this celebration can be more extra was if there was a holiday dedicated to it…oh wait! There is!


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How to Celebrate?

Take that ugly sweater out and wear it in public, chances are, you won’t be the only one wearing the Rudolph sweater grandma made for you ten years ago.

Don’t have an ugly sweater? Make one of your own. Bedazzle an old or thrifted sweater, add embroidered holiday motifs and some sequins, and voila, you are ready for Ugly Sweater Day.

One thing you can do is organize an ‘Ugly Sweater’ auction, where everyone brings their worst sweaters, and people bid to have them take them off. Anything to stop the assault on their eyes. For the trolls in the audience, you can have it be counterbid by people seeking to have the sweaters remain and continue to torment friends and co-workers for the day. As the ultimate finale to this event, you can take all the sweaters that have been auctioned ‘off’ their wearers, and burn them in effigy to these awful emblems of the holidays. The proceeds obviously go to a worthy charity.


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Alternately, we have to admit that there is something to the ‘ugly sweater chic’, and if you happen to know a group of people with the skills to produce a sweater, you can organize an actual auction. Have people bring their own holiday designs and auction them off in a silent auction, and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.


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